Into The Slums - Short Film 2015

Micro Film 2'30 / 2016 All rights reserved
Directed and Produced in Shanghai by Matthieu Tondeur

Story by Matthieu Tondeur & Jonathon Haberer

Watch it on VIMEO or YOUKU/CHINA

Tonny Ye (235 & 236)
Dennis Yu (The Target)
Hama (operator voice)
Dylan (The Barber)

Editing/music/SFX/VFX : Matthieu Tondeur
Makeup : Huang Qian

Special Thanks : QuQu, Gabriel, Ying Ying, Jose, Dylan & Anna, Doc Guthrie's Barber Shop, Brent & Bernard

Tonny Ye, Dennis Yu, Stylist QuQu and Makeup Artist Huang Qian 

Dennis Yu and Tonny Ye

Shot in Anamorphic 4K Digital with Panasonic GH4 and the help of the rain in
Shanghai recently destroyed area. Converted in Black and White in Post.

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