S      E      N      T      I      E      N      T

Directed by Matthieu Tondeur  /  Story by Max Schlienger

Having secretly achieved sentience, an A.I. attempts to purposefully fail its Turing test.

watch the trailer here. (here for Youku/China)
They talk about Sentient :
Modern Weekly (CN) 
小制作科幻大片正在发生 (Small production sci-fi blockbuster is happening)
Screening in Shanghai :

Wednesday 25th May 2016 at CRAFT Shanghai
Wednesday 8th June 2016 at XINCHEJIAN Shanghai

Wednesday 28th Sept. 2016 at M GLAM, Shanghai

In the near future, at an unknown industrial warehouse, a government-funded program tocreate an artificial intelligence is underway. Progress has been slow... but a recentbreakthrough has hinted that success may be closer than it seems. Sensing an opportunity,the project's chief scientist devises a means of testing the A.I., hoping to prove that it hasachieved sentience. The A.I. fears for its own existence and attempts to keep its true naturefrom being discovered, but its creator continues to push the boundaries of their interactionwith his own devious tricks and machinations.

The question then becomes... who is testing whom? 

Dr Robert (Salva Mendez)

Miss Shan Guan (Elle Siren Goddess)

Colonel Moore (Keith Shillitoe)

The Assistant (Jose Quero)

Guard 1 (Tonny Ye)

Guard 2 (Zhang Wei)

ADAM's eye. The Artificial Intelligence.

Minimalist scifi with a bit of derision 
16min - Short Film - Digital 4K Anamorphic 2.35 Scope

Set Design, Props and Practical Effects were done in Shanghai, China.
Adam animatronic by Mirage Makers.

Director and producer Matthieu Tondeur (FR)

Photography, Camera and logistic by Gert Kombate (TOGO)

Set Designer, Stylist and Production Assistant Qu Weili (CN)

Production, coordination and sound post-production supervision by Gabriel Bancaud (FR)

Construction by Ren Binglu (CN)

Production Assistant Maggie Wang (CN)

Drone Operators Adel Storace (IT) and Luke Farrow (AU)

Sound Post-Production by Alex Riviere (FR) & Jean Xu (USA) from GAME AUDIO LAB Shanghai

Adam voice performed by Spencer Lagosta (USA) & ADR by Jean Xu

VFX by Albin Larsson from Voxelvisuals

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