Program Shortfilm 11min

Shot on 16mm Tri-X Black and white and Vision3 Color

Noir-Mystery, produced and directed by Matthieu Tondeur
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"Program" is the story of Dimitri, a lonely worker living in a shallow black and white city. He receives the contact of "The Mediator", Someone that could help him to discover himself.

Siegfried Fau is "Dimitri"

Archibald McColl is "The Mediator"

Emil Rehnberg is "Luca"

The Shallow City, an empty black and white concrete world where Dimitri is pursuing his daily routine.

Making Of

"Program" was shot in Shanghai, China.
 In addition to the 3 actors, a crew of 5 made the project possible. 

The photography was made during 4 weekends between July and september 2017.

Archibald McColl and Siegfried Fau on the Rooftop Set

Marcus Lu helping for the pull focus on one of the most important scene.

Director Matthieu Tondeur reloading 16mm reel between 2 shots, each loading allow for 2'30min of footage.

Andi Carlon (Sound), Adi Constantin (Line-producer) and Fang XiaoHe (2nd camera unit) on the rooftop set

First attempt at the Metro Scene. It will be reshot due to the 16mm Beaulieu R16 camera failure. It will be later replaced by the K-3 16mm and the Bolex H16.

On the set of the "Office" scene

The shortfilm was shot using Russian 16mm Krasnogorsk-3, a beaulieu R16 and a Bolex H16.

250 meters of reel scanned in 4K via our own DIY scanner, built by Matthieu Tondeur and Chinese engineer Gan MinQi

Color grading of each frame RAW scan

16mm Kodak Tri-x Reversal used for the Black & White part.

16mm Kodak Vision3 used for the colorful part.

French director Matthieu Tondeur and Chinese music producer FadedGhost debriefing on the soundtrack for "Program"

FadedGhost performing live-set in Shanghai.

Using Format