3 Men - Short Film 2015

Directed by Matthieu Tondeur

Story by Marcus Brown

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Screenings :

Wednesday 20th Juin 2015 at CRAFT Shanghai

Friday 25th Sept. 2015 at Calshort Festival, Los Angeles

Friday 6th Nov. 2015 at Another Hole in The Head Festival, San Franscico

Tuesday 31st May 2016 at IFS Festival, Beverly Hills Music Hall, Los Angeles

Wednesday 25th May 2016 at CRAFT Shanghai
Wednesday 8th June 2016 at XINCHEJIAN Shanghai

Wednesday 28th Sept. 2016 at M GLAM, Shanghai

Screen from "3 Men" by Matthieu Tondeur. Starring Alberto Lancellotti. 2015

Screen from "3 Men" by Matthieu Tondeur. Starring Slava Kogut. 2015

Screen from "3 Men" by Matthieu Tondeur. Starring Tonny Ye. 2015

3 Men is an upcoming short film based on a story by Marcus Brown and Directed by French Movie director Matthieu Tondeur. The short film was produced in Shanghai, China and shooted with an International crew on a special set studio.

3 Men tells the story of 3 characters lost in quest of writting loop story.

Cameraman Gert Kombate on the set of 3 Men

Chinese Designer Qu Qu Building the studio set of 3 Men.

Producer Gabriel Bancaud on 3 Men Set / Behind the Scene, Make-up artist Huang Qian is preparing the actors

Tonny Ye Getting ready on the set of 3 Men.

Director Matthieu Tondeur with Cameraman Gert Kombate discussing the story-board on the set of 3 Men.

Alex Riviere at Game Audio Lab studio for ADR Recording

Sound Designer Alex Riviere and Director Matthieu Tondeur working on sound post-production


Director // Matthieu Tondeur

Story // Marcus Brown

Man (Desk) // Alberto Lancellotti

Man (chair) // Slava Kogut

Man (Sofa) // Tonny Ye

Producers // Matthieu Tondeur, Qu Weili & Tung Lam Cheung

Co-producer // Gabriel Bancaud

Photography // Matthieu Tondeur

Design // Matthieu Tondeur & Qu Weili

Camera // Gert Kombate

Grading // Gert Kombate

Editing // Gert Kombate & Matthieu Tondeur

Camera Assistant // Gao Yuan

Sound Post-Production // Alex Riviere

Special Effects // Matthieu Tondeur

Make-up Artist // Huang Qian

Special Thanks

Muzeev, JiaYin and ZLHF Team, Cloud, Lucio & XinFab, Ren Binglu, Game Audio Lab,
Mirage Makers, Angle Communications, Slow Jam, Craft Bar, Boneyard Music Studio.

Photography credits : Matthieu Tondeur, Cloud and Gabriel Bancaud 2015, Poster Art bu Qu Weili

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